Revria Development Roadmap

Below you will find two ways of looking at the current progress and future plans for Revria's development. Work on this roadmap, as with Revria itself, is ongoing.

The spreadsheet may not display correctly on mobile, but it should be viewable if you double-tap to open the actual document.

The Phase list is a loose idea of the order that things will be implemented, but there will be some overlap when it's required or makes sense for implementing certain systems.

Revria - Features & Status

Status Explanations:

Not Implemented - Feature is not present in any form.

Minimal - A basic implementation of this feature is present.

Functional - The feature is present and robust but still needs further extension and polish.

Complete - This feature or system is ready for 1.0 release.

Early Access Phase 1 - Core Systems and Mechanics (Current - ~90%)

Early Access Phase 2 - Progression and Roleplaying

Early Access Phase 3 - Narrative/Lore & More Content